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If you want to invest in yourself, your message and support heart centered entrepreneurs, this is the place! Not only did I love working with these ladies, they exceeded my expectations and booked me on some of my dream shows. They make it so easy to appear as a guest on podcasts and support you every step of the way. I would highly recommend to anyone who wants to bring more visibility to their brand, business or message.

tiffany paul


I asked amela a ton of questions to understand her process and she was very forthcoming, transparent, and let me behind the scenes. I've been interviewed about 10 times since working with Amela, which helps my business to get noticed and gives me more credibility in what I do.

katrina aronson

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Here's the thing:

it's a noisy world out there and the  competition is

It's time to stand out in front of the crowd and start impacting more lives by sharing your message in a podcast interview

Because if all you have is posting in Facebook groups (I see you) hoping someone invites you to be their guest, then you're  wasting your time

your story could change someone's life!

It's your RESPONSIBILITY to share it!

(and make more money along the way...but I'll get to that)


Build brand authority

Being a podcast guest is one of the most powerful ways to build your brand authority and raise brand awareness. Not only will it help you with that, but you'll also start the process of know-like-trust

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Podcast audience is highly engaged and loyal to their host. If the host has brought you to be their guest, they know the audience will love it. It's your job to show them how awesome you are


Once you start consistently showing up on podcasts, new leads will be coming to you without an effort. Once you're done with the interview, all you gotta do is sit and watch your new audience come to you

Here's my 3-step process:

Strategy is key


We don't just say it. We mean it! We will custom make your pitching strategy and tailor it to your goals so you don't waste another minute getting on a podcast that doesn't have your audience.



We will do a through research and learn everything there is about your target audience so that we can hit them on all levels. Wherever they are on their journey, we will find a way to make them love you

Pitch & Follow Up


We craft a couple of versions of pitches so that we can follow our strategy of customizing the pitching process as much as possible. We will take care of the follow ups and most of the times the pre-interview questionnaires

are you ready to start consistently showing up on podcasts?

Hello beautiful human

I'm Amela

We're an elite boutique PR agency with focus on podcast guesting. We get coaches and authors, just like you. We help you share your message and get more eyes on your business organically. We believe in strategy, genuine communication and relationships. We also believe that by using podcast guesting in your marketing strategy, you have secured an evergreen channel for getting people to work with you.

let's get you booked on podcasts to share your message with your people

incredible support

What I love most is Amela's genuine excitement and passion for getting my message out into the world. I have really enjoyed the guest speaking opportunities as an expert on other podcasts that I have received through Amela's agency. If you are looking for support to be booked as a guest on other podcasts to get your voice and message out into the world I highly recommend to add Amela to your team! 

Amy Pamensky


Amela definitely delivers on her promises! I feel like I have an immense publicity team behind me. (And at the same time, the hosts of the shows think I did all the work of seeking them out!) 

Maggie Karshner

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